Really? These People Really Graduated From College And Get Paid To Write Like This? Really?

I could very easily go on and on about all the errors in the following two stories copied verbatim from the website for KSEE 24, a local news outlet. Instead, I'll just let the stories and the writing talent (or lack thereof) of the paid news staff responsible speak for themselves. Brace yourselves kids: This is NOT pretty (or easy to understand).

"Schoolhouse Rock" is now in session.

Here's story number one: 

"Gas prices are the higher than they've ever been on President's Day. The high prices come just one day after Iran cut oil exports to Britain and France.
In the US—specifically Fresno—the rise in price is hitting consumers hard; the price at $4 a gallon. The rise in price nearly 4 times that of the national average.
Valley Drivers are taking one look at the sign saying “I see it's gone up again” or “it’s crazy” or “horrible” and “very expensive”.
Gas prices are up 15-cents in the last week. Every pump is more painful. “On it empty it’s like $75 to fill up,” says Fresno driver Chris Vang.
In Fresno, gas has hit the dreaded $4 mark. “It’s ridiculous for those who drive every day,” says Vang.
Truck drivers are feeling the heat. Baljit Signh Mall says it takes him $800 to fill his up and it won’t last the whole trip. High gas prices are pulling from their paychecks. “Gas takes most of the money out of my load; it’s effecting me because I don't save as much as I use too,” says Mall.
If you're wondering why the prices is going up, experts say it’s demand, crude oil prices and Iran's recent decision to cut off exports to Britain and France. John Hofmeister, former CEO of Shell Oil says, “The geopolitics in the Middle East are causing a psychology of fear about future supply has probably never been greater. We just don't know from week to week how bad it could get".
Drivers are trying to save to pay the bill at the pump. “I am looking for things on sale at the grocery store and ads in the paper,” says Fresno driver Sam Caldwell. Experts say preparation is a plus because relief may be nowhere in sight. They say Iran's decision to cut oil sales could push Britain and France to turn to the US for oil, and that could swap $4 for $5 by Memorial Day weekend; it’s something consumers don't want to even talk about.
In Fresno, gas prices are 42 cents higher than they were at this same time last year.
Nationally, gas prices are already up nearly 9% from the start of the year.
Christina Lusby Reporting."

Here's story number two:

"Downtown Fresno is in for change. Again. Walking the tight line between preservation and restoration. But that change is spurred by interests from the outside. You can call them investors.
"The thing we're seeing is making the difference...The prescense of a vision." Ever since the mayor signed off on a Fulton Corridor plan to open up the mall, investors have been calling. Good news for stakeholders like Greg Schweitzer. He leases the old PG&E building. Or what many now know as "The Grand."
"We're seeing an upsurge in activity...Positive situation."
Investors are now interested. And when there's interest...There's money.
"when i think of investors i think of people from inside or out who want to bring their personal dollars in the community."
Kate Borders is the Director of PBID Partners. A group of business owners who want a better downtown. And that means keeping with the old, and making it work.
"It is embracing the old...From the beginning."
"Investors have to believe in that concept...Preservationists. Dollars...Invest in historic properties."
And it goes beyond just foot traffic. It's about keeping people here. Working here. Eating here.
"Getting pepole to live down here is a key component."
But not an easy task when these buildings are vacant, and have been for quite a long time. The Fulton plan is a mighty one. Requiring millions of dollars and plenty of partners."

Now somebody please tell me: Which would be crazier? Ignoring this garbage or loudly complaining about how offensive it is? And what do you think the response has been to my campaign against offal like this passing muster at what's supposed to be a professional news organization with writers, copy editors and managing editors? I'm being depicted as the bad guy. I'm a jerk or an asshole or a dick for calling this kind of writing what it is - inexcusable.

But guess what? I don't give a damn what anybody thinks of me for pointing out the elephant in the room. My goal is not a spotlight for myself - or attention of any kind. My goal is to make the people responsible for this crap pay attention to what they're doing. You hate me? No problem. Are you going to be more careful about what you post online or say on the air? Yes? Well then - mission accomplished.

"Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain." - Lily Tomlin

Love me or hate me - you're still talking about me.

Kisses - Jim

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