Brits Flushed With Pride?

It's gratifying to see that the secretary (or footman or ... house elf) that keeps an eye on all things royal for the Windsor family wasn't asleep at the wheel when it came time to design the official wedding china for Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

As you can see in the closeup below, the centerpiece of each of the three fine English bone china, 22-carat gold trimmed pieces (plate, cup, pillbox) is the intertwined first initial of the happy bride and groom:

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Imagine if you will what might have been if the design had gone the more traditional route and placed the first letter of Bonnie Prince Will's name first. (I'll wait while you figure that out... No rush... Take your time... Just whistle when you're ready to move on. Okay?)

Come to think of it, I've been hearing the happy couple referred to most often in that order - "Kate Middleton and Prince William" - instead of the order generally used for Will's parents ("Prince Charles and Princess Diana"). That must be part of the campaign to keep the wedding chat out of the gutter. (A clever plan actually, because it keeps people from mentioning the upcoming nuptuals in the same sentence with a ... oh. Uh oh.)

If I were Queen Elizabeth, I believe I'd be polishing up the honkin' great sword she uses to bestow Knighthood (or Damehood if the person who headed off the potentially embarassing gaffe is a woman). I'm pretty sure this qualifies as "services rendered to society."

Lord knows Liz and the rest of the British royal family have suffered enough indignity over the past 50 years without condeming future generations of Windsors to centuries of toilet jokes.

Pull out the stopper. Let's have a whopper. But get me to the church on time!


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